Sticker Charts

As a person, I was always aware that children behaved in annoying, often impolite and frequently appalling ways. As a parent, I was sure that my implicit boundary setting and impeccable behaviour modelling would ensure my own child was born with a kind of inbuilt anti-twat mechanism. Now let me make it clear from the get … Continue reading Sticker Charts

Bell’s Palsy Diary: Part 3 of 3

Bell’s Palsy: Day 7 Husband at work, child at Yay’s.  (Child) comes back all sassy, jumps in neighbour’s paddling pool, remembers to get out for a pee (!!!!!) and we both have Skype chat with Uncle Ro while she basks in the murky, fly filled water. Great chat with Ro - filters helped facilitate conversational … Continue reading Bell’s Palsy Diary: Part 3 of 3