Bell’s Palsy Diary: Part One

Bell’s Palsy: Zero Hour For 4 days I'd had a numb sensation in my tongue which I’d attributed to being run down (publicly, that is - of course internally I was sure I was dying of head cancer / my tongue was going to be amputated and I would never speak again), along with an … Continue reading Bell’s Palsy Diary: Part One


Oh fuck off, Baby Led Weaning

I hope you don’t mind me addressing what is essentially an idea as though you’re a person, but I’ve seen so much of you on Instagram that I feel like I know you. Despite being a concept, you seem to have fallen into the typical social media trap of self-presentation as something much more glamorous, … Continue reading Oh fuck off, Baby Led Weaning

An Open Letter to People with Twat Dads

  Dear People with Twat Dads, I love this photo of me and my husband 6 months ago today, in our tiny courtyard garden during the prosecco and spring rolls post-marriage ceremony reception for about 20 people, which we insanely thought it was a good idea to host in our impossibly small house. There is … Continue reading An Open Letter to People with Twat Dads

Kids and drugs

My unforeseen success with An Open Letter to Flop has totally fucked me over. I've been unable to write anything since and instead I simply read the entire internet. There are a lot of really boring bastards out there. In lieu of actually writing anything new, I'm attempting to get the ball rolling by simply posting this … Continue reading Kids and drugs

Why Baby Group is Shit

It’s possible that baby group was destined to fail to live up to my unrealistically high expectations, which can be best summarised as: Freshers Week. I assumed I’d meet my Best Mum Friend For Life within seconds of walking in and we’d dye our hair some totally mad colour, do six Jaeger Bombs and the … Continue reading Why Baby Group is Shit

Fucking immigrants.

  This is not the LOL festival the letter to Flop was. It's an expression of the powerlessness and exasperation I feel in the face of UK immigration law which in this instance didn't allow me to have my partner with me while my Dad was dying. That’s right, move over Flop, Theresa May has ruined … Continue reading Fucking immigrants.

An Open Letter to Flop

An Open Letter to Flop Dear Flop, Despite the firm assurance of a Cambodian fortune teller that, as of March 2016, everything in my life was going to be easy, I’ve been having a really hard week. During times of struggle I ought to be more vigilant with the TV schedule, but today I absent-mindedly … Continue reading An Open Letter to Flop